Sunacom - Sen. Odell's comments on gambling and SB168

In his Feb. 24, 2013 column on, Senator Odell writes:

'...Governor Maggie Hassan has put $80 million into her two year budget proposal from a one-time license fee.' '...this is the first time a governor has put money into his or her budget from a casino license fee.' '...the revenue should not have been included in the Governor's budget given the House's history of killing gaming bills.'

'If a casino bill does not pass with a sitting governor personally pushing it and with the same party as the governor controlling the House, I think the casino form of expanded gambling will be off the table for a decade.'

'New Hampshire entered into agreements for tens of millions of dollars of funding for environmental infrastructure projects including drinking water, wastewater and landfill projects.' 'In addition to Newbury, other area municipalities impacted include Claremont, Newport, Unity, Marlow and Hillsborough.' ' the fall of 2008 the governor decided to 'delay and defer' the state's payments.' 'When the state does not pay its share, the state and local costs fall on the community...'
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