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ALG's Daily Grind - Majority in Italy rejects Politeuro takeover in political earthquake

Feb. 26, 2013

Majority in Italy rejects Politeuro takeover in political earthquake

Berlusconi wins Senate with 30 percent of the vote after being deposed by Brussels and Berlin, and anti-Euro party Five Star Movement comes out of nowhere, winning 24 percent.

Cartoon: The Red Ink Express

Insolvency, not sequester, is the real budget threat.

Sequester Made Easy?

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the spending will be cut by $85 billion over a period of years, or about $54 billion overall in 2013. Of that, actual discretionary spending in 2013 will only be cut by less than 4 percent or $44 billion.

WSJ: A Cavalier Fiasco

"There's one thing uglier than a Democratic tax-and-spend spree. A Republican one."

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