Political Headlines - February 26, 2013

  • Feared spending cuts rooted in years of dysfunction: The potentially massive cuts that could cascade through government agencies nationwide were conceived as Washington's own game of chicken. Globe Washington bureau reporter Bryan Bender and Globe correspondent David Uberti report.


  • John Connolly to run for mayor of Boston: The city councilor is striving to topple Mayor Menino to become Boston's first new chief executive in a generation. Globe politics reporter Andrew Ryan covers.


  • State, local officials fret over federal cutbacks: While local leaders are worried about the cuts set to take effect Friday, the immediate impact of sequestration is unclear. Globe politics reporter Noah Bierman and metro reporter Eric Moskowitz explain.



  • Edward Markey, Stephen Lynch agree to six debates: The congressmen have agreed to debate each other six times in their battle for the Democratic nomination for the special election to fill former Senator John Kerry's seat. Globe metro reporter Martin Finucane elaborates.


  • Michelle Obama's unnecessary Oscar turn: The first lady's appearance on the Academy Awards show was proof that the Hollywood left and the White House have tone-deafness problems. Globe columnist Joanna Weiss writes.


  • Two rulings that benefited a powerful few: Both the Citizens United and Dred Scott decisions raise fundamental questions about who we are - and want to be - as a nation. Globe columnist Farah Stockman explains.