FrackNation - “Pro-Fracking” Film Headed to Capital Hill to Fight Misinformation

Hollywood, CA—FrackNation, the documentary that investigates facts about fracking, is headed to Washington, DC to combat misinformation.

The film will be screened at an event for the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Subcommittee on Environment February 26. 

"It's important that politicians educate themselves about fracking. It's the future of American energy," Phelim McAleer, director of FrackNation, said. "With all the lies and misinformation out there, we're excited to bring the truth about fracking to Capital Hill."

FrackNation follows journalist Phelim McAleer as he faces threats, malicious 911 calls and bogus lawsuits questioning green extremists in a search for the truth about fracking.

The New York Times called FrackNation "meticulously researched" and said that “much of what it reveals is provocative.”

"Since the release of HBO's documentary Gasland a lot of misinformation about fracking is being perpetuated as fact," McAleer said. "FrackNation challenges anti-fracking claims and debunks the myths. Everyone interested in energy policy--and truth--needs to see FrackNation."

The screening is closed to the public, but many lawmakers and staffers will be in attendance.