Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on Governor Maggie Hassan’s unwillingness to answer questions about a proposed gas tax hike. During an editorial board meeting with Seacoast Media Group today (2/27/13) Governor Hassan “did not technically answer the question about whether she would veto a gas tax hike proposal.”

"It is time for Governor Hassan to stop dodging questions about the disastrous and dishonest gas tax hike that is being proposed by her House Democrat leadership.

“House Democrats have clearly misled Granite Staters about the actual motives behind their proposed gas tax hike. They have dishonestly claimed that all funds generated from the tax would be used for infrastructure repairs. But secret emails discovered this week show that the Democrats believe that their gas tax hike is ‘a gift that keeps on giving’ that should not be “spent all in one place.” The Democrats view their tax hike as tool that can be used to scam New Hampshire motorists into funding their plans to grow government.

"A devastating gas tax hike during a recession is bad policy, and the Democrat House Leadership’s leaked emails proves that Democrats are not being honest about the real goals of their tax increase. It is time for Governor Hassan to stop refusing to answer questions about this deceptive ploy, start providing leadership on this issue, and pledge to veto this bad legislation."