NHDP - The movie was better



Last year on Groundhog Day, I wrote about Bill O'Brien, DJ Bettencourt and their Tea Party cronies and the radical legislation being proposed in the Republican House. 


Bill O'Brien still hasn't seen his shadow a year later and still thinks his radical agenda has a place in New Hampshire.  It's only been two months since Democrats took back control of the State House, but from his seat in the back row, Bill O'Brien and his Tea Party allies have already:

  • Re-introduced so called Right-to-Work legislation
  • Spent countless hours fighting to allow guns on the House floor
  • Continued their crusade to disenfranchise voters by calling for the end of same-day voter registration
  • Unsuccessfully petitioned to censure and impeach a fellow House member 

Help cast a light on Bill O'Brien's continued antics with $50, $25, or $10 today!



Last November, New Hampshire voters sent a clear message they were sick and tired of this extreme ideology.  House Democrats are focused on the issues that matter most to our state - creating jobs, growing our middle class, and moving New Hampshire forward. 


House Democrats hold a slim majority that is working each and every day to help the people of New Hampshire.  Alternatively, Bill O'Brien is plotting his return to the Speaker's Chair from his seat in the back row.  Help us make sure Bill O'Brien keeps his seat in the back row by chipping in $50, $25, or $10 today. 



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P.S. We have a chance to expand our slim House majority in upcoming special elections in Nashua and Manchester.  Your contribution today will expand our majority!