Seabrook - 3 citizen's petitions

Nearly 50 signatures were gathered for each of three different citizen's petitions for the March ballot over the course of a single weekend.

DASH CAMERAS (Seabrook):
For Seabrook, voters will be allowed to consider whether or not to use some of the funds in the D'Alessandro account to pay for dash cameras for all 14 police cruisers. Dash cams are becoming standard in state, county, and town police departments all over the country because they improve accountability and public opinion. Cameras also gather evidence for both civil and criminal trials while emergency responders are busy responding to calls for service. While they save money on trials and legal costs, their main benefit is their deterrence to those considering criminal acts in towns that have them. The original reasons, listed in the petition, include recording drunk drivers and drug addicts, compelling them to see their own behavior while drunk or high.

A campaign is being launched to support the measure: "Dash cams put scumbags behind bars"

A hotly contested article on the Winnacunnet ballot addresses the well known problem of teacher's unions using both public funds and public facilities for political campaigns and advocacy. While some school district employees are regularly seen holding signs for Democratic candidates on Election Day, fewer voters are aware of the behind the scenes electioneering, including calling known Democratic voters and targeting likely Democrats for voter registration. Nationwide, over $9 billion a year in tax dollars is funneled through "union dues" of public employees, mostly into Democratic campaigns. Nearly all Democratic legislators now return the favor by voting against school choice and supporting the NEA's very liberal policy agenda. Some teachers and textbooks even promote both liberal policies and cultural values in the schools, including environmental alarmism, multiculturalism, political correctness, and anti-gun hysteria.

The irony is that WHS faxed a copy of the petition itself with the words, "Democratic candidates" underlined to the NEA-NH, which has already organized an online effort to defeat the petition as "anti-education" and against "free speech."

Authorized by RSA 194-C:9b, voters in the Timberlane School District are also forwarding a similar measure after the School Board there cut teachers, assistants, and teaching hours, then used the savings for large pay raises for administrators. While it's unlikely that the Winnacunnet School Board would do this, the measure keeps everyone honest.