CEI Today: National ID, Michael Mann lawsuit, and Obama Energy Dept resignation


Openmarket.org: The New National Identification System Is Coming

For more than three decades, attempts to imple

ment the proposal have all met with failure, but now national ID is back, and it’s worse than ever.

The Senate immigration bill will mandate all employers use E-Verify to check the immigration status of their employees. Right now, employers can voluntarily submit the employee’s name and number to check if they match the name and number in the system. If the names or numbers don’t match, you must take further steps to prove your identity at SSA offices. 
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CEI Slapps Back In Closing Brief To Michael Mann Libel Lawsuit

Friday marked the latest filing in a defamation lawsuit brought by climate science alarmist Michael Mann against CEI, National Review, and scholar Rand Simberg.  CEI has fought back against Mann’s lawsuit by moving to dismiss the case under the District of Columbia’s 2011 Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation, or “Anti-SLAPP,” Act, which protects the public’s right to engage in advocacy on issues of public interest. 

CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman commented on today’s response to the Mann lawsuit:

As our reply demonstrates, while Mann paints himself as a reluctant warrior in the global warming debate, he’s quick to fling epithets at his critics.  Mann characterizes his opponents and their positions, variously, as “pure scientific fraud,”  “bogus,” “hired assassin,” “shills,” “crimes against humanity,” and the ever-useful smear of “denier.”

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CEI.org: Resignation of Energy Secretary Steven Chu Is "Most Welcome"


Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu announced Friday he will resign his post, effective at the end of this month.

Myron Ebell
, Director of the Center for Energy and the Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, had the following to say about Chu’s time in office and resignation:

Dr. Steven Chu’s resignation as Secretary of Energy is most welcome. He won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1997 for developing methods to cool and trap atoms using laser light. But his involvement in energy issues was not that of a professional in the field but rather was based on an amateur’s enthusiasm for new renewable energy technologies. > Read the full commenary on CEI.org


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