NHPC - HB 540 Public Hearing - Feb 5th

New Hampshire's leading entertainment and communications trade association, the
NH Production Coalition (NHPC), filed an LSR to develop production incentives to grow the creation of film and television content produced in the state of New Hampshire.

HB540 is scheduled for public hearing, before the Ways and Means Committee this Tuesday, February 5th, 2:15pm, at the Legislative Bldg.,
33 N State Street, Room 202, Concord.

We welcome your attendance at the hearing to show your support of the bill HB 540, and the work of the NHPC.

Also taking place on Tuesday, a bill has put forward that would eliminate the Department of Cultural Resources. This department strengthens the Arts in New Hampshire. Please click on the link below to find out how you can show your support for the Department of Cultural Resources.  


HB 561: Bill to ABOLISH the Dept of Cultural Resources   Public Hearing: 2:30 pm, Room 306 LOB