Chairman Horn calls on Gov. Hassan to offer a plan to cover costs


Concord, NH- New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today in regard to expanded Medicaid:

“Expanding Medicaid will cost New Hampshire taxpayers in excess of $85 million dollars and so far Gov. Hassan has not offered a plan to cover that cost.  It is money that we simply do not have.  Federal funding for this program is scheduled to diminish over the next several years and it is citizens of New Hampshire who will be left holding the bag.

"I ask Governor Hassan to offer us a plan to cover the cost of this massive expansion of healthcare before forcing it on our neighbors across the state.

"We all want better quality healthcare and Republicans are eager to work toward solutions that will make health insurance more accessible to more people, but we should not abandon good NH programs like CHINS in deference to a federal mandate that will not even be funded.”