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NHGOP RESPONSE TO HB 474 In-State Tuition For Illegal Immigrants

Bill would allow in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

Concord, NH- New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement in response to HB 474, which would allow illegal immigrants to attend USNH at the in-state tuition rate:

"HB 474, allowing illegal immigrants to attend USNH at the in-state tuition rate, sets a terrible precedent and sends the wrong message to law abiding students across New Hampshire. In these very challenging economic times too many families across NH are struggling just to be able to send their own children to school.  To expect them to use their hard-earned pay to subsidize the college tuition of individuals who are breaking the law is just wrong.

"NH Republicans embrace our melting-pot history and we encourage continued legal immigration. However, allowing benefits such as in-state tuition for illegal immigrants makes an end-run around federal immigration law and would only serve to identify New Hampshire as a sanctuary state.

"We call on the legislature to focus their efforts on lowering tuition costs and providing scholarships for students across New Hampshire who have worked hard, followed the rules, and legally call the Granite State home."

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