NHGOP RESPONSE TO HB442 Removing Sex Offender Restrictions

Bill would remove residency restrictions for sex offenders

Concord, NH- New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement in response to House Bill 442, which would eliminate residency restrictions for sex offenders: 

"House Bill 442, which would remove residence restrictions for sex offenders, puts the most vulnerable among us – our children – at unnecessary and unacceptable risk. If passed this law would allow sex offenders to live where they please, including across the street from an elementary school or next door to a playground.

"This law nullifies the ability of local law enforcement to enforce existing restrictions and prevents them from being able to protect their citizens from dangerous and repetitive criminals. The convenience of criminals cannot be given priority over the safety of our children.

"This is another example of the Democrats in the House offering foolish – and in this case dangerous – legislation rather than focusing on the real needs of their constituents across New Hampshire. I ask Gov. Hassan to make clear today that, should it make its way to her desk, she will veto this bill.  

"It is time for Gov. Hassan to encourage her Democratic associates in the House to get focused on what’s important."