The Boston Globe Announces Release of Kerry Biography as an E-Book as the Former MA Senator Becomes Secretary of State

Biography by current and former Globe journalists provides extensive background on Secretary of State’s personal, military, professional and political history


WHAT:            JOHN F. KERRY: The Boston Globe Biography, a valuable resource to anyone eager to learn more about the country’s new Secretary of State, has been released for the first time as an easily accessible e-book. The extensive biography is based on a highly regarded series in The Boston Globe, augmented by years of additional reporting on the political icon by the journalists that knew him best and covered him most – Globe deputy Washington Bureau Chief Michael Kranish and former Globe reporters Brian C. Mooney and Nina J. Eason.


                                The biography was originally released by PublicAffairs Books during Kerry’s run at the presidency in 2004 and quickly became a New York Times and Washington Post bestseller. The book has received widespread critical acclaim, including a New York Times review that described how the book, “energetically fleshes out the details of Mr. Kerry’s life and career…a fascinating portrait.”


                                The book explores John Kerry’s background, his service in the military, his early legal and political career, and his legislative record, and offers an incisive, frank look at Kerry’s decades spent in the highest levels of government. It is important reading for anyone interested in the life of the man now poised to be the face of his country overseas.


                                JOHN F. KERRY is now available in e-book in all formats, including Kindle, Nook and through the iBookstore.


WHO:              The Boston Globe’s deputy Washington Bureau Chief Michael Kranish is also available for

interviews to discuss how Secretary of State John Kerry’s career has shaped him, Kerry’s future, as well as the recent release of the e-book. Kranish is the co-author of another Boston Globe biography, The Real Romney, and is the author of Flight from Monticello: Thomas Jefferson at War.


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