Townhall Daily - February 08 - Michelle Malkin, Mark Davis, Brent Bozell, John Ransom, Jonah Goldberg and More


Michelle Malkin:
The Blame Righty Mob Falls Silent

Mark Davis:
As We Say Goodbye to Chris Kyle

Brent Bozell:
Doubling Down on Anti-Gun News

John Ransom:
The Final Argument: The Best Recession in History

Jonah Goldberg:
Two Cheers For Rebranding

David Limbaugh:
Obama's Imperiousness Doesn't Have a Permanent Shelf Life



Mona Charen:
Corrupting We Will Go

Neal Boortz:
Will President Obama Sit Down With Me To Discuss the FairTax?

Oliver North:
Send in the Clowns

Pat Buchanan:
Is America Ensnared in an Endless War?

Suzanne Fields:
Forbidden Advice for Plain Jane in Combat

Matt Towery:
In "Remaking the GOP," Don't Throw the Baby out With the Bathwater


Paul Greenberg:
The Turret Gunner Was a She

Donald Lambro:
Growing 'Output Gap' Suggests More Hard Times Ahead

Daniel J. Mitchell:
How Government Handouts Create Life-Sapping Dependency

Kyle Olson:
NPR Affiliate: Thoughtful Union Trying to ‘Protect’ its Members From Right to Work

Charles Payne:
Market Need More than Words

Political Calculations:
The Danger of Leveraging Returns

Cliff May:
Letter From the West Bank

Night Watch:
North Korea Promises More than A Nuclear Test

Mike Shedlock:
Non-News of the Day: "Draghi Says Risks to Downside"

Stewart Scott:
When Security Measures Work

Ira Mehlman:
Republicans Get Sound Advice on Immigration…From The New York Times

Caleb Dalton:
Democratic Debate on Marriage Better Than Judicial Commands

Anna Higgins:
HHS Announcement Changes Little – Superficial Accounting Gimmicks Do Not Equate to Conscience Protections

Crystal Wright:
Right and Left Unleash Furor Over Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Show but Conservatives Take the Cake

Angela Logomasini:
Lessons in Green Chemistry

Byron Babione:
The Opposite of the Civil Rights Movement

Armstrong Williams:
Strom Thurmond and Essie Mae