CEI Today: Beer, Sequester, and Violence Against Women Act


Daily Caller: Beer market needs liberty, not lawsuits

Those in the craft beer movement have legitimate concerns about ABI increasing its power over wholesaling. ABI and MillerCoors have had such longstanding dominance that a large number of distributors make their living by primarily selling products from one of the two companies. About 60 percent of ABI’s distributors are exclusive — meaning they sell only ABI products.

In an attempt to address the DOJ’s antitrust concerns, ABI offered an amended deal last week, surrendering a full takeover of Grupo Modelo’s operations in Mexico.

[But] what the beer market needs is liberty, not lawsuits.
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Openmarket.org: VAWA Bill Likely To Pass Congress This Week, Despite Violating First Amendment

Congress never lets the Constitution get in the way of
passing a law with a catchy title. Thus, the Senate’s version of the bill reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act will likely pass the House this week, even though UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh, a leading First Amendment scholar, earlier noted that provisions in it violate the First Amendment > Read the full commentary

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National Review: Countdown to Sequester


We certainly can’t regulate our way to prosperity either, and at the rate the Obama administration is going, we could be regulating our way to recession. Instead of blaming Congress for the economy’s struggles, the president should be blaming his own administration for piling on regulation after regulation — what has been called the “regulatory cliff.” > Read the full commentary


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