CEI Weekly: John Kerry's Climate Change Alarmism

March 1, 2013



Feature: Fred L. Smith, Jr. talks to The Wall Street Journal about the Secretary of State.

FEATURE: John Kerry's Climate Change Alarmism


Wall Street Journal Live interviewed CEI Chairman Fred L. Smith, Jr. this week about Secretary of State John Kerry's dedication to fighting the "dramatic" changing climate. Smith talks about how Kerry will use his office to advance climate change alarmism and what Kerry really should be working on instead. Watch the video here.





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February 28, 2013: Italy's Troubling Election Results


The results of Italy’s general election were announced this week, setting markets on edge across the Eurozone. For all intents and purposes, Italy is without a government. There is no clear majority in the parliament’s upper house, and former comedian Beppe Grillo’s populist Five Star Movement captured a quarter of the vote. Warren Brookes Fellow Matthew Melchiorre finds the outcome surprising, as well as troubling.