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Dear Taxpayer,

"We can’t ask seniors and working families like yours to shoulder the entire burden of deficit reduction," President Obama said this week. And frankly, I don’t disagree with him when some government employees are earning $1 million a year.

That’s right, Franklin Center’s news organization,, exposed a little-known government agency paying outrageous salaries to employees - $1 million to the President alone. When debating spending cuts, isn’t this something all of Washington can agree needs to be cut?

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Drudge Report picked up the story, TV and radio are now on top of it, and as a result, Franklin Center is changing the narrative and forcing elected officials to respond. That’s what happens when real investigative journalism takes place.

From New Mexico changing laws to prevent EBT debit card abuse to voter ID laws being debated in Virginia, our news stories are making a difference. We’re spotlighting waste, fraud, and misuse of taxpayer dollars and holding elected officials accountable.

Sadly however, Taxpayer, investigative journalism is dwindling. 

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Jason Stverak
The Franklin Center