Rep Wallner Calls Governor's Irresponsible Revenue Scheme A "Mistake"

Concord - New Hampshire House Finance Chairman Mary Jane Wallner (D-Concord) dealt another blow to Governor Maggie Hassan's budget today, calling her irresponsible casino revenue scheme a "mistake" and casting serious doubt on its ability to pass the legislature. Rep. Wallner also confirmed that she has asked Finance Committee division chairs to develop a "Plan B" to offset the non-existent gambling revenue in Governor Hassan's reckless proposal. Hassan has refused to discuss any contingency plans in the event that gambling isn't approved.

“I have to start to look at where we’ll go in that we haven’t got a position on gambling,” Rep Wallner told the New Hampshire Union Leader (2/28/13). “To accept revenue of $80 million would really be a mistake, especially if it didn’t show up later.”

“I agree with Representative Wallner that Governor Hassan’s irresponsible revenue scheme is a ‘mistake,’ and I applaud her for having the courage to join other prominent Democrats like Attorney General Delaney in speaking out against the governor’s budget,” said New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Horn. “Rep. Waller’s comments also reveal that Governor Hassan is relying on House Democrats to come up with a “Plan B” to offset the non-existent and illegal revenue in her proposal. This is an outrageous and disgraceful example of failed leadership from the corner office. As the governor of New Hampshire it is Maggie Hassan’s job to propose a balanced budget, manage the budget process, and fix the $80 million hole that could result from her reckless revenue scheme. She needs to stop neglecting her responsibilities, show some leadership, and propose her own “Plan B” to preserve the state’s fiscal integrity.”

Rep. Waller also cast serious doubt on the likelihood that the governor’s budget could pass the House, telling the Union Leader that the body has “historically voted against gambling and I continue to be concerned about it.”

Wallner joins prominent Democrats in criticizing Governor Hassan's irresponsible revenue scheme including Attorney General Michael Delaney, State Senator Martha Fuller-Clark (D-Portsmouth) and liberal blogger Dean Barker. Her budget has also been panned by editorial pages across the state ranging from the conservative Union Leader to the left-leaning Concord Monitor.