Sen. Morse statement on Ctr for Public Policy Gaming Report

NH State Senate


CONCORD - Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Morse, R-Salem, issued the following statement today regarding the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies’ report on expanded gaming:

     “Having served on the Board of the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies, I appreciate the work done by Steve Norton and his group. However I must respectfully disagree with the assumptions presented in their recent report.

     “As they have done in past studies on this issue, I believe the Center has significantly overestimated the social costs of gaming while underestimating the revenue benefits to the State of New Hampshire. Specifically, this report assumes no more than $51 million in net benefit to the state. However, our Lottery Commission, the professionals who know the industry best and base their estimates on similar sized casinos in three other states, have estimated a high-end casino along the Massachusetts border will net New Hampshire upwards of $120 million in new revenue.

     “Moreover, studies have shown that if New Hampshire is slow to move forward with expanded gaming, we are likely to see a loss of up to $50 million in revenue each biennium while at the same time experiencing increased social costs related to casinos in other states. I agree with Governor Hassan in this area. If anything, this report should serve as a signal to lawmakers that now is precisely the time to move forward with expanded gaming in order to reap the revenue benefits and establish a clientele before Massachusetts is able to get their operation off the ground.”