AFPNH - Reminder: We need your help Thursday to stop the MASSIVE gas tax hike!

We need you to join us at the Statehouse this Thursday to fight the gasoline tax increase!

Thursday at 1:30PM in Representatives Hall there will be a public hearing to debate a proposed 15 cent per gallon gasoline tax increase. That increase of 83% would mean you pay $3 more every time you fill up your tank.

If you can attend Thursday’s hearing, please email Matt.

Gas prices are at record highs and still many members of the NH House want you to pay more for gasoline so they can grow the size of government. 

Join us to let the NH House know that you cannot afford this tax!

The hearing will take place on Thursday at 1:30PM in Representatives Hall.

If you cannot attend Thursday’s hearing, please contact your House members and ask them to oppose HB 617. You can use THIS LINK to contact them directly.

Once this tax is passed, we will not be able to undo it. Join us to stop this unfair and unnecessary burden from being placed upon you, your family and your neighbors.

If you can join us Thursday at 1:30PM in Representatives Hall, please email Matt.

If you cannot attend, please email your House Members directly.

Either way, let your House Members know you oppose the gasoline tax increase!



Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire


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