Freekeenenews - Meter Maids Stealing, Destroying Robin Hood's Cards

Parking enforcement agents are now openly stealing in a desperate attempt to cover up "Robin Hooding". 

City of Keene meter maids have been caught on video removing and destroying informational cards that Robin Hood and the Merry Men have been leaving on cars downtown.  "Robin Hooders" are downtown daily, rescuing people from being ticketed by depositing a coin in expired meters before the meter maid can reach the meter and write a ticket.  In order to inform the motorist that they were saved from the ticket, the Robin Hood's men and women have been leaving business cards on the windshield, in the place where the ticket would have gone.

Now the City of Keene's new policy appears to be stealing the Robin Hood cards and destroying them.  It's a last-ditch attempt to cover-up the good work the Robin Hooders are doing, and a clear acknowledgement that the Keene Police's parking department is suffering a financial hit by not being able to write as many tickets as they used to.

Video of a meter maid engaging in the acts of theft, and being confronted about it, is available here.