HotAir Daily Express 03/11/2013


Video: Do women run the Catholic Church?
3/11/2013 10:01:40 AM  Ed Morrissey
The prevailing view of the Catholic Church is that of a patriarchy to which women contribute very little except in subservient roles.  The media coverage of the conclave has touched on this, and commentators have repeatedly wondered whether the next Pope

Pyongyang cuts off Red Cross hotline to Seoul
3/11/2013 9:21:30 AM  Ed Morrissey
As Allahpundit and I often write, announcements and threats from North Korea get greeted with a large, and earned, amount of cynicism.  The saber-rattling usually means (a) shoring up support in a domestic power struggle, (b) attempting to increase

Jeb Bush: Media focus on 2016 presidential race like “crack addicts”
3/11/2013 8:41:46 AM  Ed Morrissey
It’s difficult to argue with Jeb Bush on this point, too.  We only just finished the 2012 presidential election, which occupied most of 2011, too.  Appearing on Meet the Press yesterday, David Gregory asked Bush to handicap the 2016 election while

American cardinals getting more buzz as conclave nears
3/11/2013 8:01:01 AM  Ed Morrissey
Despite earlier skepticism over their prospects, two American cardinals continue to get buzz as potential papabili in Rome.  The New York Times reports on the prospects for Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who is at least getting noticed if not rising in the


EXPOSED: Mainstream Medicine's Deadliest Conspiracy?
Can you believe this video? It's a phenomenon. In fact, it was sent to more than 289,000 people in just 24 hours! For the first time, mainstream medicine's deadliest conspiracy has been EXPOSED. Finally, this video is the 'shot heard around the world' the establishment prayed would never come. There are powerful interests hell-bent on minimizing the damage it is doing to corporate medicine's profit machine. Before it's banned, watch it here.

Quotes of the day
3/10/2013 8:01:16 PM  Allahpundit
President Barack Obama hopes to spark a pitchfork revolt against Republicans over sequester-induced budget cuts — but many Democrats fret that he’s undermined that effort with an early strategy marred by hype, poor planning and muddled

Susan Rice to NSA?
3/10/2013 6:31:12 PM  Jazz Shaw
Speaking of battles that you thought were ancient history… remember back when that woman – what was her name again? – was a sure fire lock to be the the next Secretary of State? And the Republicans were all up in arms about some

How well will new energy sec Moniz play with the EPA?
3/10/2013 5:01:53 PM  Jazz Shaw
When the news broke last week that Barack Obama had tapped MIT physicist Ernest Moniz to be the next Secretary of Energy, I immediately began seeing some buzz that he might be a distinct improvement over the last occupant of the office. There was even

Afghan president now accusing US of collusion with Taliban
3/10/2013 3:31:51 PM  Jazz Shaw
It was only last month that we saw Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai, ordering US troops out of a key area of his country. There’s clearly something going on with Karzai and his plans for the future, because now he’s claiming that

Loathsome nutritionist thinks loathsome nanny-state mayor doesn’t go far enough
3/10/2013 2:01:59 PM  Jazz Shaw
Michael Bloomberg has received more than a few broadsides for his seemingly endless parade of new, nanny-state laws designed to tell you how to live. (You know… for your own good.) And now he’s taking another shot across the bow from New York

Q-poll: Catholic voters are leading US to same-sex marriage
3/10/2013 12:31:57 PM  Ed Morrissey
Don’t look at me — I was the one arguing that the state should get out of the marriage business entirely, and that the only true state interest in marriage, from a secular point of view at least, is enforcing paternal responsibility, which

McCain: When I buck GOP leadership, I’m a maverick; now I’m suddenly an “angry old man”
3/10/2013 11:01:41 AM  Erika Johnsen
I don’t think he’s quite getting it. It’s not that McCain disagreed with Rand Paul; it’s the way he and Graham went about it. Republicans finally scored a major, compelling, epic GOP PR victory that got millions to tune in while