NHCC Policy Update March 2013

State Impact on Gaming
New Hampshire Council of Churches
Policy Update
March 2013
Is the Governor gambling on the health and welfare of NH citizens?


When lawmakers are having a hard time balancing the state budget, the temptation to think that a gambling casino is the answer can exert a powerful pull. Please speak up now and let your representatives in Concord know that you will support their "NO" vote to defeat casino gambling in New Hampshire.

The Las Vegas gambling lobby is pushing hard to convince voters that casinos with video slots are a good thing for New Hampshire. Good for them, yes - but bad (very bad) for New Hampshire. With promises of jobs and revenues, the gambling lobby is trying to avert your gaze from the potential destructive impact of this threat. 


Large scale casinos bring with them a host of problems - crime, political corruption, slot machine addiction, family financial ruin, divorce, domestic violence, and the trampling of local businesses and communities.          


The New Hampshire Council of Churches represents 10 member denominations (Catholic and Protestant).  All are united in opposition to the expansion of gambling in New Hampshire.


Some of us oppose gambling on principle. Some accept the gambling that exists: the state sponsored lottery, non-profit Monte Carlo nights, and church bingo. All of us reject the expansion of gambling that would establish casinos and legalize video slot machines, forms of gambling that studies have shown are particularly addictive and result in social problems and increased criminal activity.


Our faith teaches that the role of government is to maintain order, preserve justice, and promote the common good. In this moment, we believe that the proper role of government is to distinguish between legitimate forms of gambling that serve as amusement, and illegitimate and inappropriate forms of gambling that have been to shown to be particularly addictive and lead to excessive gambling and deprivation of the basic needs of persons, which we believe to be a violation of justice. New Hampshire must continue to promote the values of education, hard work, and dignity of labor and reject the illusion of easy money. Encouraging a "something for nothing" attitude transforms state government from a preserver of the well-being of its citizens to an exploiter of its citizens' weaknesses and addictions. 


NH Council of Churches, Executive Director, Speaks Out against Gaming at Hearing


 Fifty activists, citizens and lobbyists had an opportunity to speak before the House on March 7. Rev. Linda Lea Snyder, Interim E.D. for the NHCC was able to speak out on the proposed casino gambling revenue. The Concord Monitor shared her quote with their readers.    


"We believe the proper role of government is to maintain order, to preserve justice and to promote the common good. Relying on a source of revenue which degrades our state in so many ways and exploits the most vulnerable members of our society is contrary to this principle," said Rev. Linda Lea Snyder to House members on Thursday, March 7. 


If you would like to speak out to your representative on the potential devastation that casino gambling can bring to our small state, click here to find your rep. Let your voice be heard. 


Link to NH House of Representatives

The New Hampshire Council of Churches consists of 10 member denominations, dedicated to working together as New Hampshire's religious voice for peace, for the poor, and for the planet.

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