NHYR - Thank You, It Has Been An Honor

Dear Fellow Republicans,
Over the last 13 years I have been a part of the New Hampshire Young Republicans, which included 10 years on the executive board.  It was during that time that I met my wife Kelly while we both served on the organization’s board.  Over the last two years I have proudly served as the Chairman of the New Hampshire Young Republicans.  It has been a tremendous pleasure to lead this group of hardworking, dedicated and thoughtful conservatives. I am thankful to have had such great company and have been blessed with an amazing team along this journey.
As a team we have raised over twenty thousand dollars! Most of this money was donated in small amounts and every dollar went into helping the Republican cause statewide.
We hosted over 30 events! From canvassing door-to-door for local Republican candidates in special elections to providing opportunities for our members to discuss national issues with candidates for President of the United States, the NHYRs have kept your calendars full.
We have more than quadrupled our email database! Communication is key to victory so we invested many man-hours into cleaning up, maintaining and growing our statewide email list.
We have 1,300 active and engaged connections on Facebook! One of my projects as NHYR Chair has been to grow our online presence. If you haven’t “liked” us on Facebook, you should. This interactive group allows our organization to involve young republicans in every corner of the state.
As we welcome the arrival of spring, I want to share with you that I am entering a season of spring in my life.  Thus I will not be seeking a new term as Chairman of the New Hampshire Young Republicans to allow for new leadership and new growth. Spring is a time of new beginnings and I feel strongly that our organization is ready to move forward and grow in new and exciting directions.
The arrival of a newborn son and new work opportunities are keeping me very busy, but I am planning on supporting the new Board in an emeritus role. I will stay involved behind the scenes, as I know we have a lot of good work still to do.
I am extremely optimistic about the future of the NHYRs and believe that over the past two years our leadership team has built a solid foundation for sustainable growth. 
There will be many opportunities to put this great organization to work over the next few years. Our number one job is to help elect good Republicans into office. I will be right there in the trenches with you to help ensure victory up and down the ticket. 
Thank you all for making these past two years both enjoyable and meaningful to me. I am personally grateful for the friendships made and I look forward to continuing to nurture my relationships within and outside of this impressive network.  Please know that this is not goodbye, as I am not going far. While I am stepping back from a leadership role within the New Hampshire Young Republicans I will always be here to fight next to you to ensure we are living up to our shared values of lower taxes, limited government and personal freedom.  Thank you for the support you have lent me over the years it has meant more than you could ever know.  Thank you for the trust you have placed in me, it has been a tremendous honor serving you in the capacity as Chairman, a position that has brought great fulfillment and joy to my life.    
My Very Best,
David Hurst
Chairman, New Hampshire Young Republicans