Townhall Daily - March 12 - Thomas Sowell, Byron York, John Ransom, John Hawkins, David Limbaugh and More


Thomas Sowell:
Intellectuals and Race

Byron York:
Obama Resists Simple Fixes for Sequestration Cuts

John Ransom:
Then Thank God for the Koch Brothers

John Hawkins:
10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Should Be Blacklisted By Conservatives

David Limbaugh:
Rep. Ryan, Please Follow Rand Paul's PR Model

Mona Charen:
Women's Troubles


It already happened in Britain – and now America!
Few Americans know about this dark period of British history, which occurred nearly 50 years ago.
But now, the exact same thing is happening to the United States –and most Americans are in for a shocking surprise.
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Todd Starnes:
ACLJ: Obama Won’t Help American Pastor Held in Iran

Cal Thomas:
The Sound of Inevitability

Dennis Prager:
Marijuana: Another Gift of the Left to America's Youth

Lisa De Pasquale:
De Pasquale’s Dozen with Political Commentator Reihan Salam

Pat Buchanan:
Who Speaks Now for the GOP?

Rachel Alexander:
Republicans Clueless About Minorities


Dave Ramsey:
Dave Says Don't Over Buy

Harry R. Jackson, Jr.:
Making the Dream Come True: More Equality Opportunity Programs? Part 2

Harry R. Jackson, Jr.:
Will More EEO Make the Dream Live?

Paul Greenberg:
Just One Small Point ...

Rich Galen:
You Can't Spend What You Can't See

Daniel J. Mitchell:
My Heart Breaks When I Read about Sequestration Being a Defeat for Lobbyists

Kyle Olson:
Wisconsin Education Officials Want Students to Wear ‘White Privilege’ Wristbands

Bill Murchison:
How Not To Appraise A Pope

Charles Payne:
Ho-ho-ho ho ho!

Michael Brown:
Mr. Clinton, You Are Wrong About Overturning DOMA

Robert Knight:
Liberty’s Obamacare Challenge Provides Glimmer of Hope

Bill Tatro:
Blissful Ignorance

Night Watch:
North Korea Dismantles Armistice Agreement

Rick Santorum:
Republicans Must Have Vision to Help All Americans

Hal Scherz:
Connecting the Dots on Healthcare

Mike Shedlock:
Roubini Promotes ECB Currency War and Other Silliness

Armstrong Williams:
A Currency Made from the Spirit