ALG's Daily Grind - No Fed exit anytime soon

March 13, 2013

No Fed exit anytime soon

If new Federal Reserve purchases, particularly of treasuries, were to suddenly stop, interest rates for government debt sold on the market would likely have to rise to attract buyers, crushing taxpayers with hundreds of billions of dollars of higher interest payments.

The cowardly carbon tax

By taxing carbon based energy sources at their origin, the tax would ripple through the economy, leading to higher prices for consumers, who would naturally blame the grocer, the energy company, utility, car-maker or just the seeming whims of others that cause prices to skyrocket.

New York's 'Sustainability' Plan: aka 'Agenda 21'

"Agenda 21" was first introduced to the world at the 1992 UN-sponsored "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro. It addresses virtually every facet of human life and describes in great detail how the concept of "sustainable development" should be implemented at every level of government.

Investment News: SEC says Illinois misled investors over pension funding

"Agency claims the state raised $2.2B in bond offerings without full disclosure."