New Book on PTSD in Whistleblowers includes story centering in New Boston and Goffstown


my name is Michael Volpe and I'm an investigative journalist. I've written a lengthy investigative piece, been on television, and now I've written a book that includes a story that the mainstream media in New Hampshire has chosen to continue to ignore.I thought a web site like yours might take it up.   It is the story of a roofer named Gerard Beloin and he became a whistleblower when he discovered a case of bid rigging in a roofing project he was bidding on at his daughter's school. Below is the investigative piece I wrote about this.
I've also been on tv, that link is below.
A PDF of the book is also attached. So, hopefully, someone will give this story the attention it deserves. 

Please check out my new book here,  The Definitive Dossier of PTSD in Whistleblowers