AFPNH - Sign the Petition; Stop the Gas and Diesel Tax Hike!

Today we are pleased to launch an online petition to provide you with a platform to tell your elected officials in Concord that you oppose the proposed gas and diesel tax increase.

Please go to to sign up.

As you know, once this tax is passed, we will not be able to undo it. Now is the timeto stand together and oppose this additional burden on NH families and businesses.

Today we held a press conference detailing how this tax increase will impact real people in their daily lives. Lost in the debate over $1 billion in revenue and roads and bridges has been what this tax hike will mean for NH families and businesses. The impact of an 83% increase would be enormous, especially at a time when gas prices are already at record highs.

As our Honorary Chairman, Tom Thomson, pointed out in his testimony on the proposed tax increase today, an increase in the price of diesel will increase the cost of everything that needs to be transported, including food. CLICK HERE to read more of Tom’s testimony.

And CLICK HERE to sign the petition today!



Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire


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