Andy Martin leads the opposition to Barack Obama's nomination of Penny Pritzker

Obama critic Andy Martin will lead opposition to the nomination of Penny Pritzker for U. S. Secretary of Commerce

The conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse says that putting Pritzker in the cabinet is like putting a swindler near a pile of cash; Pritzker previously had a hand in “busting” a Chicago-area bank

Andy led opposition to Jay Pritzker’s efforts to gain control of the South Shoe National Bank in the 1970’s; decades later Andy helped block a bailout of the Obamacentric bank

Andy says the FBI and congress must open closed court files involving Penny’s attempted swindle of her cousin Liesel Pritzker

Andy is already on the scene in Chicago investigating Pritzker’s nomination

Is Andy pointing to Pritzker family tales of “greed and jealousy?”

(CHICAGO, IL) (March 14, 2013) Republican corruption-fighter and Conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a Chicago, Illinois news conference today, March 14th, to announce he will lead the opposition to the nomination of Penny Pritzker as U. S. Secretary of Commerce (please see group link #1 below).

Andy has been battling the Pritzkers since the 1970’s when he opposed Jay Pritzker’s efforts to take over the South Shore National Bank. SSNB later became liked to Obama scandals.

Another Pritzker-owned bank later went bust.

Andy’s attempts to block Pritzker’s nomination will focus on Pritzker’s attempts to swindle her cousin, Liesel Pritzker. “Penny was trying to swindle her cousin out of millions,” Andy says. “Come to think of it maybe Pritzker would fit perfectly in Obama’s ‘dream team’ of phonies, swindlers and incompetents. I will ask that Congress require Pritzker to open all of the closed court files concerning Penny’s involvement in the Liesel Pritzker scam. This is not only a business and corporate scandal; Penny’s behavior is going to fill the gossip pages with stories of Pritzker family greed and jealousy.

“Penny Pritzker is up to her ears, maybe higher, in family swindles, from the Liesel Pritzker family robbery to bank swindles and trying to buy influence with Barack Obama. I will lead the opposition to this disgusting example of corruption in Barack Obama’s political ‘family.’”

Andy is already is Chicago conducting further investigation concerning Pritzker. Andy previously conducted extensive investigation in Hawai’i concerning the Obama-Pritzker linkage.