Josiah Bartlett Center - Deficits, Sunshine Week, and The February Jobs Report

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New Hampshire’s budget often requires action to avoid a deficit. The budget ending this June 30 is no exception. We have a deficit, and the governor can and should act today in the same manner as all of her predecessors. Spending cuts now are both necessary and preferable to waiting and hoping.

New Hampshire’s last two-year budget is in its final four months. At this point we already know there is a revenue shortfall that would leave a deficit if unaddressed. The immediate culprit is the Medicaid enhancement tax. That tax on hospitals will raise $34 million less than the budget counted on. Other revenues are on track to be about $10 million less than budgeted... Click here to keep reading.


Sunshine Week

The State's Checkbook Online

Celebrate Sunshine Week by checking out our transparency website Ever wonder how and where New Hampshire spends your tax dollars? Look no further than We now have more than 3.5 Million transactions detailing how every last dollar was spent from the past 4 1/2 years. Help us find government waste! Click here to start looking.


A Look at the February Jobs Report

Mixed Signals in Latest Report
February saw the national unemployment rate decrease from 7.9% to 7.7% with the Establishment Survey Data showing 236,000 jobs added over the month. Looking further into the data there are a few signs of growth but there are some discouraging ones as well. Click here to keep reading.