Townhall Daily - March 17 - John Ransom, Derek Hunter, Austin Hill, Debra J. Saunders, Paul Jacob and More


John Ransom:
Liberals are Stepford Wives of Political Class

Derek Hunter:
Sooner Or Later Progressives Will Get Around To You

Austin Hill:
Obamacare, Socialism, And Rick Perry’s Assumptions

Debra J. Saunders:
Smoke Gets in Your Rights

Paul Jacob:
Subverting Democracy to Subsidize Billionaires

Daniel J. Mitchell:
The Ryan Budget: Is Returning to Clinton-Era Levels of Fiscal Restraint Really Asking too Much?


EXPOSED: Mainstream Medicine's Deadliest Conspiracy?
Can you believe this video? It's a phenomenon. In fact, it was sent to more than 289,000 people in just 24 hours! For the first time, mainstream medicine's deadliest conspiracy has been EXPOSED. Finally, this video is the ‘shot heard around the world’ the establishment prayed would never come. There are powerful interests hell-bent on minimizing the damage it is doing to corporate medicine's profit machine. Before it’s banned, watch it here.


Political Calculations:
The U.S. Employment Situation, Economy, QE and Stock Prices in Context

Kevin McCullough:
Obama's Israel

Steve Chapman:
What We Learned in Iraq

Bob Beauprez:
Washington Post blasts Dems Budget

Marita Noon:
Beware the Carbon Tax

Mike Shedlock:
Can We Fix What's Wrong With Banking?