CEI Today: Labor unions & nursing homes, military pushing green energy, learning from Europe's mistakes, and more


Washington Examiner:
Op-Ed: Unions euthanize nursing homes

Once upon a time, a group of health care workers walked off the job, abandoning the aged and infirm under their care. Others -- according to reports -- actively sabotaged their patients' medical care -- though thankfully, no one was irreparably hurt.

This is no fairy tale, but a real life horror show that unfolded recently in New England. Last July, HealthBridge Management, which operates 32 nursing care facilities, was confronted with an employee walkout at five of its Connecticut nursing homes.

The striking workers were members of New England Health Care Employees Union, an affiliate of the Service Employees International.

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Globalwarming.org: Second Order Mission Creep: U.S. Military Gets into Investment Banking To Advance Green Energy

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. military is exploring how to bundle renewable energy contracts into securities (à la subprime mortgages), in order to better leverage taxpayer dollars to pay for more green energy.

Is anyone else discomfited by this second order mission creep? The military is supposed to be fighting wars. Now, it’s getting into complex, risky investment banking. So that it can generate more green energy.

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PJ Media: A ‘Europeanization’ Warning at CPAC

“I see America making the same mistakes Britain has made over the past 15 years,” said Iain Murray. “America is not that far gone yet, and the fact it retains some competitive federalism in the states is a source of hope, but the regulatory Leviathan in this city threatens to swamp the American spirit.”

Murray, a native of Britain residing in the United States, provided an overview of the many policies he considers to have put Britain down the road to “Europeanization.”


“Two things happened to promote the shift from conservatism in Britain: bureaucratic centralism and the election of Tony Blair,” said Murray.

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