Townhall Daily - March 19 - Thomas Sowell, Hugh Hewitt, Byron York, Chuck Norris, John Ransom and More

Thomas Sowell:
Gifted Hands

Hugh Hewitt:
The Coming Debate Among American Catholics

Byron York:
Don't Blame Campaign Aides for GOP's Woes

Chuck Norris:
Why You and I Would Be Arrested in Iran

John Ransom:
Out of Ideas, Governments Try a Bank Heist

Kurt Schlichter:
Conservatives Must Build a 'Bite Me' Coalition



John Hawkins:
The 20 Best Quotes from CPAC 2013

David Limbaugh:
Trouble Brewing in GOP

Mona Charen:
Self-Flagellation Republican Style

Mona Charen:
Self-Flagellation Republican Style

Neal Boortz:
The Cyprus Cash Grab - Coming to America?

Todd Starnes:
Philly Mayor Wants Mag Punished over Race Relations Story


Dennis Prager:
Even If Your Child Is Gay...

Tim Phillips:
When Republicans Oppose Tax Cuts

Pat Buchanan:
Was Iraq Worth It?

Michael Gerson:
The Risks of Retreat

Debra J. Saunders:
San Francisco's New Muzzle Zone

Shawn Mitchell:
GOP Readies for Race for Distinction

Harry R. Jackson, Jr.:
Conflicting Shades of Brown - Minority Clash


Phyllis Schlafly:
Rules for Addressing Amnesty

Rich Galen:
The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery

Daniel J. Mitchell:
Lessons from Cyprus

Susan Stamper Brown:
Obama Must Convince Israel He Is Trustworthy

Charles Payne:
Making the Future

Bill Murchison:
Reform Time in America

Michael Brown:
The Scandal of the Jewish Pope

Rick Santorum:
Celebrating Bella: Our Gift From God

Marvin Olasky:
Remembering Their Chains

Bill Tatro:
Don't Worry About Cyprus, It Already Happened Here

Mike Shedlock:
Cyprus, Spain, and the Lie of the Day

Ransom Notes Radio:
EU Imposes Reverse TARP on Cyprus

Crista Huff:
Stocks in the News: AAPL, F, FDX

Night Watch:
The Chinese Dream

Daniel Pipes:
Explaining Obama's Fixation with Israel

Madeleine McAulay:
CPAC 2013: Failing the Next Generation

Armstrong Williams:
You Won’t Believe Our Government Waste