Franklin Center - Remember Breitbart

Dear Friend,

The world lost Andrew Breitbart much too soon.

Andrew was a new media pioneer, transforming journalism and the political landscape. And while he left this earth, his name and work lives on through the thousands of journalists who report the stories the legacy media refuses to investigate and cover.

Following in Andrew Breitbart's footsteps, journalists are uncovering political corruption, government malfeasance, and incompetence and scandal after political scandal.

In honor of Andrew’s monumental achievements and of those who continue his legacy by carrying the torch for freedom and truth, the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity and Heritage Foundation are proud to open nominations for the 2013 Breitbart Awards.

Please help us pay tribute to Andrew by nominating an individual whose efforts advance the spirit of his work.

Click here to nominate an outstanding individual who continues Andrew’s legacy! Nominations end March 31st – so don’t delay. These awards are open to the public.

Andrew’s tragic passing will no doubt continue to be mourned for years and years to come. Yet I believe in my heart, he wouldn't’t want us to mourn, he would want us to pick up the torch, light up major news stories others are not’t covering, and set this world afire.

Nominate a warrior carrying the torch today!


Jason Stverak
The Franklin Center