NHDP - Chair Ray Buckley's Statement on NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn's Continued Attempts to Distract Voters From Her Tax Troubles

Concord, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement in response to NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn's continued attempts to distract voters from her tax troubles.


"As Bobby Jindal said, the GOP needs to stop being the 'stupid party' and they should start right here in NH. The NH Republican Party must believe the voters of NH are stupid, but the voters are not and they are not going to fall for such utter nonsense like this silly web site. NH voters are actually asking 'where are the ideas and solutions' from Gene Chandler and House Republicans? And Jennifer Horn should probably be more concerned about her own house, since it has a lien on it for the $92,000 she owes in back taxes."