Political Headlines - March 20, 2013

  • Elizabeth Warren to write book on middle-class: The book's working title is "Rigged," and is being pitched as a first-hand account of the senator's battles for the middle class. Globe Washington bureau reporter Matt Viser details. 
  • Middlesex DA will leave office next month: Gerard T. Leone is vacating one of the state's most coveted elected ­offices to join the ­Boston law firm that hired Scott Brown. Globe politics reporter Jim O'Sullivan covers. 
  • On balance, the Iraq war was worth it: The invasion 10 years ago ended the reign of a genocidal tyrant, struck a shaft of fear into other dictators, and led to democratic self-government in Iraq. Glob columnist Jeff Jacoby writes. 
  • The green movement's green tacticA deep-pocketed environmentalist is threatening to use his money to forward his beliefs. Could this signal a new tack for the environmental movement? Globe columnist Joanna Weiss explains. 
  • Gerard Leone steps away from governmentThe outgoing Middlesex DA is an uncompromising old-school prosecutor who takes deep satisfaction in getting bad guys off the streets. Globe metro columnist Adrain Walker profiles.