NRSC - Shaheen Budget Will Hurt New Hampshire

Shaheen's Support of Unbalanced Budget, Tax Hikes Will Cost New Hampshire Thousands of Jobs, Families Over $2,400 Each Year

WASHINGTON – Senate Democrats introduced their budget last week— the first time they have done so in four years.  The Democrat plan raises taxes, increases debt and spending and never balances. Ever. Senator Jeanne Shaheen hasnt ruled out supporting this disastrous budget, which Politico reported is to "the left of [President] Obama himself," and will cost the average New Hampshire family over $2,400 per year and the state an average of over 2,600 jobs per year over the next ten years according to a Committee Report.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is calling on Shaheen to oppose the Democratic Senate Budget because of the devastating effects it has on New Hampshire families and the state:

“Support for this budget shows that Jeanne Shaheen believes that Congress spends money so well that families in New Hampshire should send even more of their dollars to Washington.  Not only is Shaheen likely to support a budget that never balances, it destroys thousands of jobs in New Hampshire and will cost the average family more than $2,400 each year," said NRSC Communications Director Brad Dayspring.


  • The Senate Democrats’ Budget Will Cost the Average Family in New Hampshire Over $2,400 each year. (Impact Of The Murray Budget, Senate Budget Committee Republican Staff, 3/14/13)
  • The Senate Democrats' Budget Includes $100 Billion In New Stimulus Spending. (Sam Stein, “Senate Democrats' Budget Includes $1.85 Trillion In Savings Through Mix Of Tax Increases, Spending Cuts,” The Huffington Post, 3/12/13)
  • The Senate Democrats' Budget Includes $1 Trillion in new Revenue (Manu Raju, “Patty Murray Budget: $1 Trillion In New Revenue,” Politico, 3/12/13)
  • The Senate Democrats' Budget Also Would Not Balance The Budget—Unlike Paul Ryan’s Plan.  (Manu Raju, “Patty Murray Budget: $1 Trillion In New Revenue,” Politico, 3/12/13)
  • On deficits & debt-to-GDP ratios, the Senate Democrats' Budget even underperforms the liberal Congressional Black Caucus budget (Comparing the Budgets on Spending, Revenue, Deficits, & Debt, The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, 3/15/13)