Josiah Bartlett Center - Political Hostage Taking, Unemployment, and the Auto Dealers

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One committee chairman in the New Hampshire House admitted in a rare moment of candor that he intends to use schools as a political hostage in his grand negotiating scheme. This sort of cynical manipulation helps explain why average citizens have such contempt for politicians and their perverted sense of ethics.

New Hampshire’s charter school law has been in limbo for the better part of a year. The Attorney General has told the state Board of Education that its interpretation of language passed last session prohibits the Board from allowing any new schools to open. Oddly, the authors of that language intended precisely the opposite... Click here to keep reading.



The State's Checkbook Online

Ever wonder how and where New Hampshire spends your tax dollars? Look no further than, an open government project of the Center. We now have more than 3.5 Million transactions detailing how every last dollar was spent from the past 4 1/2 years. Help us find government waste! Click here to start looking.


NH's Unemployment Rate Drops to 5.3%

Decline largely due to smaller labor force

New Hampshire’s unemployment rate dropped to 5.3% in February from 5.8% in January. This drop represents 290 fewer unemployed persons in the state, leaving 43,000 total people unemployed... Click here to keep reading.


NH Senate set to Intervene for Auto Dealers
A look at SB126

The New Hampshire Senate is about to send in reinforcements in the ongoing battle between local car dealers and auto manufacturers. Senators are likely to approve SB 126-FN, a bill that would override the existing franchise agreements between car makers and car sellers, giving local dealers the ability to ignore contractual requirements from auto makers. Click here to keep reading.