Townhall Daily - March 22 - Michelle Malkin, Brent Bozell, Jonah Goldberg, David Limbaugh, Mona Charen and More

Michelle Malkin:
Dumb and Dangerous: America's Fast Pass for Saudi Arabia

Brent Bozell:
Still Shooting It up on TV

Jonah Goldberg:
One of These Things is Not Like the Other

David Limbaugh:
Expose and Oppose Obama's Radical Appointees

Mona Charen:
A Health Care Solution

Todd Starnes:
Professor Makes Students “Stomp on Jesus”


Could Impeachment be Next?
Obama just allowed 13 new tax increases to further slow the economy, wreck the stock market and make it even harder on the 12 million Americans already looking for work. Should he now face impeachment? 
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Todd Starnes:
Feds Spend $400,000 to Study Duck Genitals

Ken Blackwell:
World Opinion: When Some Americns Get it Wrong

Larry Kudlow:
Has Bernanke Gotten the Story Right?

Oliver North:
Was It Worth It? (Part 2 of 2)

Pat Buchanan:
Goading Gullible America Into War

Pat Buchanan:
Goading Gullible America Into War


Linda Chavez:
GOP's Image Remake

Matt Towery:
NBC Executives Are Off Their Rockers With Leno Slam

Donald Lambro:
Running Away From Reality: Obama's Road Trip to Israel

Daniel J. Mitchell:
(Almost) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Fiscal Policy Debate in a Single Chart

Charles Payne:
Folklore and Real Heroes

Diana West:
Media Refuese to Interrogate Obama on his Chicanery

Cliff May:
The Return of Missile Defense

Bob Goldman:

Tom Tancredo:
Why I No Longer Stand With Rand


Fritz Pfister:
The American Idea is in ICU, Will We Transfer it to Hospice?

Peter Schiff:
Cyprus Lifts the Curtain

Mike Shedlock:
Eurozone Downturn Intensifies

Night Watch:
North Korea now Working on Drones?

Crystal Wright:
RNC Growth & Opportunity Project: Dead on Arrival

Paul Kengor:
Hillary Clinton's Evolution on Gay Marriage

Jerry Newcombe:
A Pope Named “Francis”? Well, it’s About Time