CEI Today: Human Achievement Hour, Obama Labor nominee, and the GPS Act


Baltimore Sun:
Beyond Tom Perez: Why do we need a Labor Department?

Yes, it's true, the United States was able to withstand two months without a labor secretary. The previous secretary, Hilda Solis, stepped down on Jan. 22. That thud you heard was no one noticing. No one noticed because, like most of the federal government, the Department of Labor has become an enormous bureaucracy machine with a life of its own that functions in spite of — and in the absence of — any individual secretary.

Nevertheless, President Barack Obama has anointed her successor, one Thomas Perez, formerly head of the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, and presently chief of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division. > Read more

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CEI.org: Free Market Group Applauds Bipartisan GPS Act


Today, a bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced the Geolocation Privacy and Surveillance (GPS) Act, which would limit the government’s ability to warrantlessly access location data derived from individuals’ smartphones and other mobile devices.

CEI praised the GPS Act and urged Congress to enact this important legislation as a bipartisan solution to mobile privacy concerns.

“The Fourth Amendment protects our reasonable privacy expectations in our papers and effects, yet today, government authorities routinely compel service providers to disclose individuals’ geolocation information without probable cause or meaningful judicial oversight," said Ryan Radia, CEI Associate Director of Technology Studies.  >Read more

> Interview Ryan Radia







On Saturday, March 23 at 8:30pm (local time), some people, businesses and governments around the world will choose to sit in the dark for one hour as a symbolic gesture to take action against climate change. Celebrate  Human Achievement Hour, instead - lights ON!

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Earth Hour Harms the Earth


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