HotAir Daily Express 03/25/2013

Surprise(s)! ObamaCare’s third birthday
3/25/2013 10:01:44 AM  Ed Morrissey
I spent most of this weekend traveling back from Rome and Vatican City, which included an 11-hour stay in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.  Unfortunately, that meant I was unable to attend the third birthday party of ObamaCare, but at least American

Syrian opposition collapsing?
3/25/2013 9:21:47 AM  Ed Morrissey
Some American politicians want the US and NATO to intervene on behalf of the Syrian opposition seeking to defeat dictator Bashar al-Assad, while others fear the assistance will only serve to enable Islamist terror networks that have gained the upper hand

Video: Kerry’s surprise visit to Kabul, open talks on “reconciliation” process
3/25/2013 8:41:57 AM  Ed Morrissey
US Secretary of State John Kerry paid a surprise visit to Kabul this morning, hoping to move forward on a reconciliation process between the Taliban and the Hamid Karzai government.  Kerry arrived as the US armed forces transferred control of the last

EU, Cyprus reach deal on bailout
3/25/2013 8:01:12 AM  Ed Morrissey
The EU avoided a potential fiscal meltdown in the tiny island nation of Cyprus that might have triggered a cascade across Europe in the debt crisis. Instead of giving all depositors a “haircut,” the new plan leaves intact the insured deposits

Guess who's going bankrupt NEXT in America?
The Maryland Man who predicted the collapse of GM, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac says the answer will surprise you.
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Quotes of the day
3/24/2013 8:01:03 PM  Allahpundit
President Barack Obama is ready to hit the road on a new campaign-style public relations trip, hoping to breathe new life into the push for stronger gun control laws… A White House official would not comment on the timing of more presidential

Karl Rove: Yeah, I could imagine a GOP presidential candidate supporting gay marriage
3/24/2013 6:31:32 PM  Erika Johnsen
It does seem increasingly feasible — Sen. Rob Portman recently came out in support of gay marriage earlier this month, which might pave the way for some more Republican politicians to follow suit — although I think at this point it’s

France finally abandons that 75 percent tax on the wealthy
3/24/2013 5:01:39 PM  Erika Johnsen
As one of his many supposedly social-justice oriented campaign pledges, French President Francois Hollande proposed a 75 percent income tax on people making more than a million euros, but he’s been struggling to make it happen ever since he entered

Who is really blocking immigration reform?
3/24/2013 3:31:34 PM  Jazz Shaw
Republicans hate immigration reform, right? You know… all those racists and such. Who could blame them? So they must be the ones torpedoing any real, meaningful immigration reform in Congress, obviously. But a recent WSJ editorial seems to put the

Fictional gangster rap video apparently not so fictional
3/24/2013 2:01:20 PM  Jazz Shaw
Life imitates art? As Big Apple news outlet The Gothamist points out, sometimes life imitates rap. In this touching story, a couple of young men create a very skillfully produced music video based on a popular rap song, showing them driving around to rob

Happy Birthday, C-SPAN
3/24/2013 12:31:33 PM  Jazz Shaw
This morning I was reading one of the latest offerings from long time friend of Hot Air, Andrew Malcolm. (And you should too… it’s hilarious, in that unique style Andrew has.) In it, he notes the 34th birthday of C-SPAN, along with some

Loathsome nanny state mayor spends $12M on gun banning ads… with no gun ban
3/24/2013 11:01:48 AM  Jazz Shaw
I don’t know how many millions of dollars Michael Bloomberg is sitting on in his bank account – and frankly, it’s none of my business – but if he keeps blowing it at this pace, he may run the tank dry before too long. The king of