NHDP - On Third Anniversary, Heath Care Reform Continues to Save Money and Save Lives in New Hampshire

Concord - This past weekend marked the third anniversary of the Affordable Care Act becoming law.  Already health care reform has helped Granite Staters save money and live healthier lives.  Specifically, it has:

  • Expanded preventative care coverage with no cost-sharing for 365,000 Granite Staters with private health insurance in 2012, including 253,000 women. While more than 160,000 New Hampshire citizen on traditional Medicare also accessed free preventative care services [healthcare.gov].
  • Closed the Medicare Part D 'Doughnut Hole' and strengthened Medicare for Granite State senior citizens.  More than 12,000 New Hampshire seniors are on average saving over $660 per person annually [healthcare.gov].
  • Provided access to insurance to 10,000 Granite Staters who would otherwise have been uninsured under the age of 26 through their parents' health plans [healthcare.gov]. 
  • Protected more than 900,000 New Hampshire citizens with private insurance from the insurance industry's worst practices like arbitrarily capping or canceling benefits. 
  • Insured more than 600 previously uninsured Granite Staters who were refused coverage because of a preexisting condition [healthcare.gov].
  • Provided tax credits to thousands of New Hampshire Small businesses who offer employees health insurance helping them hire and grow.


This year, after spiraling out of control for decades health care cost increases are down.  In January, health care cost inflation dropped to 1.5%, one of the lowest rates on record.  In 2012, the readmission rates for Medicare patients dropped - saving approximately 70,000 American seniors from unnecessarily returning to a hospital. [WhiteHouse.gov]


Looking forward, the Affordable Care Act continues to expand access to affordable health care options.  In several months, Granite Staters who previously had trouble accessing affordable health care coverage will be able to enroll in a health care exchange and purchase health insurance in a more organized and competitive market place - with coverage taking effect in 2014.  Also in 2013, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries will have broader health care options through access to 21 more high-quality plans than were available last year. [WhiteHouse.gov


For more information about the Affordable Care Act visit http://www.healthcare.gov and stay turned to the New Hampshire Democratic Party's Facebook and Twitter feeds.  All this week, the New Hampshire Democratic Party will be sharing facts about how the ACA is helping Granite Staters save money and live healthier lives.