Political Headlines - March 27, 2013

  • Mayor Menino widely backed, but another run isn't: Most in a Globe poll approve of the mayor and of Boston's course, but residents are split on Menino running again, citing his health and long tenure. Globe state house reporter Andrew Ryan elaborates.
  • Supreme Court justices cautious on gay marriage: The justices questioned during oral arguments whether Americans are ready for the nation's highest court to settle the emotional issue. Globe Washington bureau reporter Tracy Jan covers.
  • Community group backs Nick Collins for state Senate 

    A group of community leaders and advo­cates for minorities threw its support behind the South Boston candidate in the First Suffolk District race. Globe metro reporter Meghan E. Irons details. 


  • Mass. Senate candidates debate Wednesday:

    The first televised debates of the campaign are back-to-back, half-hour sessions between the ­Republicans and then the ­Democrats. Globe state house reporter Michael Levenson and political editor Jim O'Sullivan report. 


  • As Massachusetts GOP gathers, no head wears the crownThree of the leading actors in Massachusetts Republican glories past come together tonight to help ensure the party has a future. political editor Jim O'Sullivan details.