HotAir Daily Express 03/26/2013


Cyprus finance minister: Big depositors could lose 40% of their savings
3/26/2013 10:01:16 AM  Ed Morrissey
If the EU wanted to end Cyprus’ status as a haven for oligarchs and other gray-market transactions, they couldn’t have done a better job.  Cyprus and the EU reached a deal yesterday on a bailout that will safeguard insured deposits up to

CBS poll shows support for gun control push fading
3/26/2013 9:21:41 AM  Ed Morrissey
A week ago, CNN reported that its polling showed that momentum for gun control had halted, and support had begun to decline, falling below a majority.  Today’s CBS poll reaches the same conclusion, leaving the soon-to-be-filibustered bill in the US

North Korea: We’re on high alert, with missiles pointed at US mainland
3/26/2013 8:41:34 AM  Ed Morrissey
And we thought the hysteria over the sequester was bad.  North Korea continued its policy of brinksmanship today over new sanctions applied after a third illegal nuclear-weapons test by claiming it has put its artillery forces in their highest alert

Paul, Cruz promise filibuster on gun-control bill
3/26/2013 8:01:56 AM  Ed Morrissey
A few weeks ago, Rand Paul revived the talking filibuster in a scene reminiscent of the Frank Capra classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. He highlighted the Obama administration’s odd reluctance to state that it wouldn’t assassinate Americans


Quotes of the day
3/25/2013 10:41:52 PM  Allahpundit
Despite Washington’s frigid temperatures and freezing rain Monday, a virtual tent city of activists both for and against same-sex marriage braved the elements together, holding a spot and a hope to see history unfold. Supreme Court oral arguments

Video: Guy in Bloomberg gun-control ads breaks all the major rules of gun safety
3/25/2013 10:01:58 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
We’ve talked about this before. When it comes to gun safety, the physicians in the Democratic Party are not so into healing themselves. In the latest example, we have Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s $12 million ads, which Emily Miller points out,

Good news: FDA probably going after cigars next
3/25/2013 9:31:13 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
So, cigarette smoking made you a pariah, but you still liked to have a little puff every now and then, maybe intermittently, socially, with a glass of scotch. You grew up, you switched to the occasional cigar. Sorry, you’re next, pariah! Nearly

Actually, “The Walking Dead” was pretty good last night
3/25/2013 8:51:22 PM  Allahpundit
Even a good “Walking Dead” has its bad moments. Michonne, for instance, remains a ridiculous character, the picture of defiant composure even while Merle was dragging her back towards Woodbury to be tortured and killed. Only in that nifty

Eurozone chief: Yeah, the Cyprus deal could definitely augur future euro-crisis plans
3/25/2013 8:01:49 PM  Erika Johnsen
Cyprus and the EU-IMF-ECB reached a last-minute bailout deal last night, granting Cyprus a $13 billion in emergency loans while shifting a huge burden onto large depositors shutting down their second-largest bank — but confidence is obviously far

Russian police conducting “unannounced audits” on Amnesty International, human rights groups’ offices
3/25/2013 7:21:30 PM  Erika Johnsen
Man, oh man — semi-to fully-autocratic, socialist-leaning, personality-cult pushing strongmen really do seem to just love a good conspiracy theory, don’t they? Most especially when it can help quell their country’s dueling factions by

Mark Warner: Hang on a sec, I’m pro-gay marriage now too
3/25/2013 6:41:21 PM  Allahpundit
You ready for this? Time magazine was prepared to publish a story noting that Warner’s position on SSM remains unclear because his office responded ambiguously when pressed for comment last week. At which point a panicky Warner (he’s up for

Oh, joy: Obama creates five new new national monuments
3/25/2013 6:01:40 PM  Erika Johnsen
Now, you might be tempted to wonder: Who could possibly find a reason to raise a partisan uproar over this? Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad for escaping slaves. Charles Young and the Buffalo Soldiers. The Rio Grande del Norte in New Mexico.

Ted Cruz: Let’s face it, Obama wants the Senate’s immigration push to fail
3/25/2013 5:21:56 PM  Allahpundit
I disagree, and since I’m counting on Cruz to lead the opposition to a weak bill in the Senate, I’m a little nervous to hear him touting this argument. Does this mean grassroots conservatives should want the bill to pass in order to foil

Mike Bloomberg: “I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom”
3/25/2013 4:41:14 PM  Allahpundit
Ben Howe’s right that the rhetoric here is more notable than the underlying sentiment. Most pols would never be this blunt in describing the civil-libertarian price of new regulations; they’d either dodge the subject or sell those regs in an

The Obama administration is definitely not prioritizing oil and gas permits
3/25/2013 4:01:22 PM  Erika Johnsen
The American energy sector has been one of the more powerful engines moving right along in our otherwise largely stalled-out economy in the last few years, a fact that President Obama isn’t hesitant to note — even though the oil-and-gas

Rand Paul: Why ruin a young nonviolent drug offender’s life by sending him to jail?
3/25/2013 3:21:07 PM  Allahpundit
Via Gateway Pundit, here’s the buzziest bit from yesterday’s “Fox News Sunday” appearance. More than his civil-liberties advocacy, more than his pitch to get the government out of marriage, this call to lighten up on nonviolent

Claire McCaskill: Oh, by the way, I’m pro-gay marriage now
3/25/2013 2:41:41 PM  Allahpundit
Must we really endure the charade of one congressional Democrat after another grandstanding about their phony “evolutions” on gay marriage? No one on either side honestly believes McCaskill suddenly changed her mind on this issue between

Regulatory pressure moves battery recycling south of the border
3/25/2013 2:01:36 PM  Ed Morrissey
Among the many problems with the headlong rush to subsidize the entire electric-car distribution channel is the environmental impact of the battery life cycle.  Electric vehicles require large battery arrays to have any kind of practical range, and the

FAA to reconsider tablet restrictions on flights by end of year
3/25/2013 1:21:02 PM  Ed Morrissey
If you fly anywhere in the world, as it turns out, you get to hear the flight attendants instruct all passengers to power off all electronic devices with an on-off button. On my way from Rome to Amsterdam, I flew KLM instead of Delta, but it made no

MSNBC panelists: A lot of this opposition to Bloomberg’s anti-gun campaign is probably fueled by anti-Semitism
3/25/2013 12:41:34 PM  Erika Johnsen
Womp. Sometimes I wonder if some of these MSNBC panelists will ever be able to resist the temptation to play into caricatures of themselves and maybe stick to intellectually honest, reasonable argumentation instead of descending into despicable race-card

Gallup: Drones over thee, not we
3/25/2013 12:01:10 PM  Ed Morrissey
The First Rule of Drones looks a lot like the First Rule of Retail — location, location, location.  According to a new poll by Gallup, almost two-thirds of Americans support the use of drones to spot and target terrorists, as long as we spot them

Video: Jim Carrey dumps on gun-rights supporters
3/25/2013 11:21:32 AM  Allahpundit
A plea to protect America’s children from one of the country’s most famous vaccine skeptics. There’s no point in critiquing the vid, really. Political humor online is a tribal thing: You need to be very, very funny to make the other

Colorado governor: Assault-weapons ban a “tough sell”
3/25/2013 10:41:21 AM  Ed Morrissey
Colorado passed one of the nation’s toughest gun-control laws last week, but it didn’t include the one component that its advocates most wanted to see. Governor John Hickenlooper went on CNN’s State of the Union yesterday to explain why