ALG's Daily Grind - The Enviro's War on Workers

March 28, 2013

The Enviro's War on Workers

The environmental lobby and the liberal left actively work to destroy blue collar jobs in a deliberate attempt to offshore all environmental costs from the United States, as well as the wealth that is created when our nation builds and creates things.

Climategate leaker: Civilization is being destroyed by lying 'science' elitists

Mr. FOIA has emerged for a third time, sharing with the world not only his entire batch of 220,000 encrypted emails and documents but also, for the first time, his thoughts.

Cypriot withdrawals limited to 300 euros, but electronic transactions welcome

All that is left of the wealth of the people of Cyprus are digits on a computer screen.

Wall Street Journal: When Mr. Perez Stretched the Law

"[Thomas Perez's] record as a Maryland politician raises questions about his legal judgment."