Political Headlines - March 28, 2013

  •  Senate candidates spar in debates: Democrats Stephen F. Lynch and Edward J. Markey tangled over heath care, while Republicans sought to introduce themselves to voters. Globe politics reporter Eric Moskowitz covers.
  • Catholic universities agree with BC on condom distribution:

    Catholic universities across the United States say that, like Boston College, they, too, would tell student groups distributing condoms on campus to stop. Globe metro reporter Wesley Lowery details. 


  • The gay rights cases, in perspective What can't be changed by either the law or the high court is just how different the sense of "normal" is for today's children. Globe columnist Juliette Kayyem explains.
  • Will justices see the change?People who live in the actual world can see that gay marriage hasn't brought civilization to its knees. Globe metro columnist Yvonne Abraham writes. 
  • The FBI's lost trust: After the Whitey Bulger debacle, doubts rise about the Gardner case. Globe columnist Joan Vennochi explains.