HotAir Daily Express 03/28/2013


Video: Banks reopen in Cyprus, calm maintained
3/28/2013 10:01:55 AM  Ed Morrissey
After nearly two weeks, banks in Cyprus reopened this morning — with strict controls on withdrawals, and with lots of extra security and police. So far, though, Cypriots have reacted calmly, while queuing in long lines to finally retrieve what

Final Q4 GDP growth pegged at 0.4%
3/28/2013 9:21:20 AM  Ed Morrissey
It’s an improvement over the advance estimate issued two months ago of -0.1% contraction, but … not by much.  At least we won’t have to hear people talk about the greatest contraction evah: Real gross domestic product — the output

US sends stealth bombers to Korean peninsula for military exercises
3/28/2013 8:41:34 AM  Ed Morrissey
The US sent a very clear signal to Pyongyang today, even if they didn’t see it coming.  Stealth bombers flew 6500 miles to join military exercises with South Korea, dropped dummy bombs on target, and flew back to the US.  After the mission, the

Unity: Rand Paul endorses Mitch McConnell
3/28/2013 8:01:38 AM  Ed Morrissey
Many people expected to see a Tea Party challenge to Mitch McConnell in next year’s Kentucky primary, and it could still happen.  However, that challenge will not include any support from the Tea Party’s 2010 candidate for US Senate, Rand


Should Obama’s Tax Screw Up Lead to Impeachment?
Obama just allowed 13 new tax increases to further slow the economy, wreck the stock market and make it even harder on the 12 million Americans already looking for work.
Should he now face impeachment?  Or are higher taxes warranted? Click here to share your views on the matter.

Quotes of the day
3/27/2013 10:01:07 PM  Allahpundit
As attorney Paul Clement took to the Supreme Court to defend the Defense of Marriage Act on behalf of House Republicans, the lawmakers who hired him to do so stood silently by. It was the right thing to do, many Republican strategists say, to avoid

Awesome: Vacant federal properties cost taxpayers billions every year
3/27/2013 9:21:43 PM  Erika Johnsen
As I already mentioned earlier this week, President Obama just unilaterally designated five new national monuments and parks to the federal government’s keeping, and it might be easy to dismiss any partisan objections to his decision as just the

Sebelius: Well, yeah actually, ObamaCare is causing insurance premiums to rise
3/27/2013 8:31:57 PM  Erika Johnsen
As you might remember, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was largely sold to the American people on the premise that it would help to make health care and health insurance more… well… affordable. Au contraire, says yet another

Heitkamp to Bloomberg: How ’bout you do you, and leave North Dakota out of it
3/27/2013 7:31:00 PM  Erika Johnsen
While I’m sure there are plenty of Democrats who are amply appreciative of NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s aggressive brand of “I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom”-style governance, the nanny-state

Illegal immigrant climbs border fence right in front of McCain and Schumer; Update: Video added
3/27/2013 6:41:36 PM  Allahpundit
No one has video of this glorious moment in the annals of border security? C’mon. I’m trying to figure out why he would tweet this and I can’t settle on a theory. Maybe because he thinks it shows that the “goddamned fence”

Damn: Ashley Judd decides she won’t run for Senate
3/27/2013 6:01:48 PM  Allahpundit
I didn’t think defeating her was as much of a gimme as some righties did, but I did think she’d lose. And that there’d be at least one or two or twelve colorful meltdowns on the trail along the way. 2014 just got a lot less kooky, and

Nike, Woods: Winning takes care of everything
3/27/2013 5:21:02 PM  Ed Morrissey
Does it? Earlier today, I wrote about David Petraeus’ strategy to rebuild his public image by publicly apologizing for the personal scandal that forced him to resign as CIA Director last fall.  The legendary military strategist chose a

New SarahPAC video: Palin will be a player in the 2014 midterms
3/27/2013 4:41:55 PM  Allahpundit
There’s going to come a point where Karl Rove concludes that his new group will do more to mobilize conservatives against the establishment Republicans it endorses than it will to mobilize centrist or casual GOP voters to support those candidates.

Sweet new idea out of California: Internet taxes, anyone?
3/27/2013 4:01:30 PM  Erika Johnsen
California already has one of the highest tax burdens and worst business tax climates in the country, but hey, why not think up a few more convoluted ways the state can take still more money out of the private sector and put it toward the

Who really shot Bin Laden?
3/27/2013 3:21:05 PM  Allahpundit
Good stuff from CNN keying off Brandon Webb’s interview with an unnamed SEAL who claims the Esquire cover story about the man who shot Bin Laden is a big ball of shinola. To recap: According to Esquire, two SEALs were present during the initial

Virginia poll: McAuliffe, Cuccinelli still pretty much tied
3/27/2013 2:41:04 PM  Erika Johnsen
Ah, dear ol’ Virginia. The now-purplish commonwealth has gone from swinging blue for Obama in 2008, to electing Gov. McDonnell in a landslide just one year later, and then right back to supporting Obama in 2012 — and it’s so far looking

The Ed Morrissey Show: Guy Benson, Mary Katharine Ham
3/27/2013 2:36:00 PM  Ed Morrissey
Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (4 pm ET), it’s time again for our Salem All-Stars! Guy Benson and Mary Katharine Ham join me today to discuss the latest in news, politics, and culture. Don’t miss it! The Ed Morrissey Show and its dynamic

North Korea to UN Security Council: Conditions ripe for a “simmering nuclear war”
3/27/2013 2:01:52 PM  Ed Morrissey
It’s time once again to play, “What are the North Koreans thinking?” Today’s question comes to us via the UN Security Council, which had to be non-plussed at the latest communication from Pyongyang, which has steadfastly refused

Tea leaves from oral arguments: Supreme Court leaning towards striking down DOMA?
3/27/2013 1:21:26 PM  Allahpundit
A rare instance in which the left is decidedly pro-federalism. The word from Reuters and SCOTUSblog: U.S. Supreme Court justices signal interest in striking down #DOMA as violating states’ rights #breaking — Reuters Top News (@Reuters) March

Democratic gay-marriage pool update: North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan endorses SSM
3/27/2013 12:41:18 PM  Allahpundit
You’ve got to be kidding. How can Tom Carper, my pick in the pool, still be holding out when a red-state Dem whose seat is up next year is switching? Good lord, man: You’re from one of the bluest states in the union and you just got

Video: Interview with Curtis Bostic
3/27/2013 12:01:32 PM  Ed Morrissey
Earlier this morning, I had an exclusive* interview with Curtis Bostic, one of two candidates in a run-off for the Republican nomination to replace now-Senator Tim Scott in South Carolina’s CD-01.  Bostic came in second in the initial round of

Cyprus banks add security in preparation for reopening
3/27/2013 11:21:12 AM  Ed Morrissey
Bank customers in Cyprus will finally get access to their money starting tomorrow, but they’ll see more than just cash when they drop in for a visit.  With concerns about bank runs and unrest running high, the branch offices will now have more

Janet Napolitano: We shouldn’t wait until the border is secure to legalize illegals
3/27/2013 10:41:39 AM  Allahpundit
No worries. She says the border’s already “as secure as it’s ever been,” even though her department has given up trying to measure that. Marco Rubio recently claimed that 10 million new illegals would cross the border over the