NH House Republican Alliance statement on HB617 Gas Tax Increase

CONCORD, New Hampshire – The House Republican Alliance (HRA) described today’s passage of HB 617-A, a bill that increases the highly regressive gas tax by 12 cents as overreach, trampling on the wallets of those least able to pay.

  Today the Democrat majority in the NH house voted to continue to siphon money out of the peoples wallets by passing HB 617-A.  In a time of economic uncertainly, they chose to raise the gasoline tax by a whopping 67% yet at the same time, refused to direct current revenue away from secondary activities and back to repairing roads and bridges.  "When average NH citizens are making hard decisions on what to buy and setting spending priorities, they chose instead to stick government's hands deeper into your pocket," Stated Rep. Dan Itse- Fremont.


Press Release for House Republican Alliance