CEI Weekly: Bloomberg Takes Aim at Foam Cups

March 29, 2013



Feature: Angela Logomasinis discusses the benefits of foam containers and plastic bags. 

FEATURE: Bloomberg Takes Aim at Foam Cups


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pushing for a ban on foam containers. CEI Senior Fellow Angela Logomasini appeared on Fox Business' Stossel last night to explain why the ban is a bad idea, and why it ranks up among other bad "green" ideas---like plastic-bag bans. Watch Angela's interview here.





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March 28, 2013: The TSA's Illegal Body Scanners


The TSA’s controversial full-body scanners wereimplemented illegally, since the TSA never put them through the required comment-and-review rulemaking process. Despite a court order, the TSA is still dragging its feet on complying with the law. Fellow in Land-use and Transportation Studies Marc Scribner has the latest developments in the case.