Heritage - Update on Obamacare Costs, Marriage Debate, & Immigration

The Dangerous Allure of Medicaid Expansion
How will your state fare if your governor chooses to expand Medicare? A few states would save money when the federal government kicks in their share, but most would lose money. Regardless of whether the state or federal government pays, the massive increase in spending will ultimately be borne by you, the taxpayer. Read analyst Drew Gonshorowski's analysis of the impacts of expansion on your state in his blog post. And, check out how your own state will fare.


Obamacare Drives Up Health Care Prices
The first cost estimate of Obamacare came in at $898 billion, but after the law was passed the government revised the cost to a figure nearly double that, or $1.85 trillion. On the third anniversary of the passage of the health care law analyst Alyene Senger explains in her blog post the increasing costs and what we're likely to face in the future. Even thought the worst tax increases and mandates don't go into effect until next year, Heritage created a collection of infographics that depict the impacts Americans are already feeling because of this new law. 



Heritage's Marriage Expert Debates Piers Morgan 
Ryan Anderson, co-author of the book "What is Marriage," debated Piers Morgan and Suze Orman on CNN. Watch Anderson as he maintains his composure and sticks to the facts while facing a hostile host and studio audience. Learn his arguments by reading  "What You Need to Know About Marriage."


What is the Definition of Amnesty in the Immigration Debate?
Americans recognize the vital importance of lawful immigration in part because it brings important economic and cultural benefits to the country and to the immigrants. Congress should encourage lawful immigration and discourage amnesty, which discourages respect for the law, treats law-breakers better than law-followers, and encourages future unlawful immigration. Learn more about the history of amnesty programs and what immigration policies actually work by reading Heritage Senior Vice President David Addington's Backgrounder, Encouraging Lawful Immigration and Discouraging Unlawful Immigration.


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